This article was published in 2004.

Embrace have announced the release of a new album in September, which will be preceeded by a single on 30th August. The single is called Gravity, and both the single and album will be put out by the Independiente label.

Produced by long time collaborator Youth, the album is in the final stages of recording.

The single was written by Coldplay singer and songwriter Chris Martin, and the decision to record another artist's song might seem surprising were it not for a long standing friendship between Martin and McNamara dating back to when Coldplay supported Embrace at the Blackpool Empress Ballroom in 2000.

Martin originally wrote the song for Coldplay but as it developed it became clear to him that the song might be better suited to Embrace. As he explains, "We've always loved Embrace and Danny is one of my best friends. When we wrote Gravity we thought it sounded far too much like them for us, but not too much like them for them, so I asked Danny if he wanted the song and that was that".