This is a review of "Universal Disarmament" recorded by The Mingers. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

Hailing from Leeds The Mingers present to us one of the shortest EPs I've ever heard in my life. Seven tracks that in total clock in at just over 7 minutes. So seeing they've made a really short EP I'm going to attempt to write a short hardcore review.

Disgracism: Fast paced drumming reminiscent of old school NOFX. Aggressive wailing from front minger Talia as she belts out the lines "There's a kid on the street with a smashed face, and a knife in his chest, and oh yea, he's dead. Some bastard came along, didn't like the colour of his face, so he turned it into red".

Violence: Same kind of thing but this one's about how violence is bad.

Basically it's the same thing for 7 minutes which is hardly exciting or interesting. It's hard to get bored of this as it's so short. Especially final track "Fuck Class" which at 22 seconds long is hardly a song. There isn't a word short enough to describe this, besides the word short.

Lyrically though there's a lot to take from the EP. It is a social analysis of the current world in which we live. With words of protest and songs about tolerance. Of course not everyone will agree that it you want the world to live in peace you should shout at it very loudly.

The right messages delivered in the wrong way. Imagine if the postman lobbed your mail through the window. You would have got the message but I doubt you'd be smiling.