This is a review of "Cast Those Stones EP" recorded by The Echo. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

Come on now, another band with "THE" in the title. I received 4 cds this week to review and 3 of the bands were either called the somethings, the somebodies, or the so fucking whats. Thankfully though none of them were crappy garage rock bands. Why not call yourselves just Echo? Rant over here's a review.

The Echo are a nice dose of laidback alt-country/indie. Hailing not from the Marlboro Country but infact Leeds. First track "Standing on the Outside" is a gentle piano led musical ride. Thick lashings of acoustic guitar pouring over softly caressed ivories. Lead singer Andrew Barton's vocals at times are similar to those of an early Ryan Adams and fit neatly in with the rest of the music. While the occasional electric guitar bursts in and adds some much needed weight to the song which I'm sure would come across much more during a live performance.

Now "Black and White Jigsaw" really is a laid back country classic. With the wailing harmonica and slow paced music which builds up images of some old whiskey stained cowboy plodding along on his horse through the White Rose shopping centre. The song is really livened up by the skills of pianist Sam Woodings whose solos throughout the song are as impressive as some guitar legend's crazy noodlings. It's quite random but at the same time highly effective.

"Cast Those Stones" rounds of the EP perfectly with atmospheric guitars and beautiful vocals harmonies. This all comes together at the end where every member lets loose and we finally get to here what the lead singer can really do as he yells "no no no no". I'm not sure what the question is but if it were "is this EP crap?" his answer of no would be correct.