This is a review of "They've Come To Save Us" recorded by The Nervous Shakedown. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

Here's a question for you. What do you get when you cross Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and the Desert Sessions? Answers: Josh Homme and The Nervous Shakedown.

"3 Minutes" has all the qualifications to earn itself a place on Kyuss's stoner rock classic "Blues For the Red Sun". With its repetitive yet hypnotic bluesy riff you can't help but be sucked in straight away. In fact after timing myself I found it took only 2 seconds for my brain to love this song.

Second track "Slow Dive" sees the band effectively mix their music with sound effects such as rain and thunder. This is reminiscent of Cypress Hill's classic album Black Sunday and it adds to the trance inducing music. Dan Wilson's hush vocals skim over every guitar note and you can not help but be mesmerised. At times this is so creepy yet so alluring.

The final track seems to let the band down slightly as it posses very few of the qualities of its predecessors however the two secret tracks that follow are a pleasant surprise especially when they kick the musical shit out of "9 Years with the Devil" Surely these deserved to be given track numbers of their very own.

Still if you think that Josh Homme is a musical genius then you might just like these guys as well.