This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Piskie Sits. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

This three track demo gives notice of an interestingly slap-happy West Yorkshire band with leanings in a Stephen Malkmus direction.

Top tune is the second track "Miserable Lives" which manages to start like Coldplay's "Yellow" and wander through Pavement, Ben Kweller and back to something indefinably Piskie Sits. Creative leader Craig Hole has a fashionably out of tune and Americanised voice, but he pushes out character, despondency and defiance with a lot more than just blind aggression. Some would say cute. There are some nifty keyboards from Jay Churchley and a few nice guitar chords too.

Third track "Yes You Do" manages to use this year's compulsory rock word "fucking" in a way that restores its claim to be an ugly and offensive expletive. Nice work. The final shrieking chorus is uniquely crazy.

The band's chief asset is a good grip on non-clich├ęd guitar chords and laconic tunes. Lead guitar is very strange - I'm not sure if it's Pavement-like ironic or just plain horrible. Its most serious damage can be heard on opening track "I Can't Think", which is a slightly dull song made notorious by some overwhelmingly naff neee neee neee (slightly bent) soloing. The first two minutes are not bad quirky pop song with chunky chords and interestingly slow bass (Mark Wilson). But by the end of the four minutes it has become unlistenable.

If they don't implode, the Piskie Sits could turn into something well worth paying attention to.