This is an archive of the band profile for Misterook.

23-year-old songwriter Misterook has been around a fair bit as far as music is concerened. Since the age of 13, he has played guitar and wrote with countless bands from funk, soul, rock/metal, solo folk artistes, right through to experimental live drum and bass projects. The influence shows in his music - whether it be playing guitar in a local rock/metal band, this new funk project that's being set up at the mo, or in the ermmm... 'Misterook sessions'.

Misterook makes experimental and atmospheric beat based music, with real instruments and insane amounts of manipulation / chopping up! Plenty nice melodies and chord sequences, and at the same time dirty horrible dirty sounding speaker breaking stuff. Well not in every song... that would make things predictable.

Featuring Sinead Quinn, James Stevenson, 'Richy P' as guest vocals on select trax..