This is a review of "Bedroom Demos" recorded by Beautiful Feet. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2001.

I like this CD. Very much. Reviewing acoustic bands is not really my strong point, but this CD just shouts out "play me, play me".

Right from the 1st song, "Daybreak", you can see this band has a lot of potential as excellent songwriters. Starts off with strummed guitars and sounds quite punk with the stops, but the stops get a bit tedious and cheesy after a while, and it builds up into a very commercial chorus. The vocals in this chorus are mixed quite low but this does not spoil the flow of the song. A very good opener.

"Dialogue With Trypho" starts off with a very funky guitar and bass riff and builds up to a very chilled out chorus, which surprised me as I thought it would carry on the upbeat tempo of the verse. Sections of this track sound distorted, although I think that would have something to do with it being recorded in a bedroom on a 4 track!

"Acquiescence" is a very chilled out song, which brings the CD into another mood from the funky track before it. A picked acoustic guitar brings the song to life with lead guitar over the top. A very powerful vocal melody is employed in this song and the harmonies add to the songs "chilled" quality. However it would have sounded nice with some more drums towards the end, as it just seemed to lag a bit. Very good.

"Pretence" is my favourite song of the demo, and the best the band have to offer. This is a very quirky little number with acoustic guitars strumming to a strong powerful drum beat. A very well structured song with clearly definable sections. There are also some excellent harmonies on this track. I would have opened the CD with this song as it shows off their commercial element and is very catchy.

Like I said earlier, this CD is excellent. Go and see this band. You will be glad you did.