This is a review of "More" recorded by Yellow Stripe Nine. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2004.

'More' starts off with a nice lazy beat, a bit of jangly guitar and then in comes Peter Bott with the vocals. He has a nice distinctive voice and delivers half spoken words with a laidback panache. The song is a laidback indie affair with some nice guitar motifs, don't ask me why but it sounds like it should be on the Reality Bites soundtrack. I think that's more to do with the oddness of my brain than anything else. But it makes sense to me. It just has that sound. The production is excellent and all the instruments are skillfully played. There's nothing individually outstanding, but solid performances all round add to a very strong group sound, which is far more important than individual magnificence. The middle 8 contains some nice vocal changes from Bott but whilst this song is quite pleasing it just needs a fuel injection. I like the swagger of the beat but whilst that serves the verses well I think a faster tempo could make the chorus shine.

'The Boy Who Desperately Wanted To Be Struck By Lightening' sees YSN flexing their lyrical muscles again and contains a fine vocal melody that breaks into the chorus, which itself has a magnificent descending backing vocal. This is spunky indie pop and could imagine this really getting people going live. It's quirky, it's rhythmical variances providing much delight. The simplest of guitar lines in the chorus is evidence that less is more. It more than does the job.

It's not exactly what really stokes my fires but Yellow Stripe Nine could be your favourite new band. Go find out.