This article was published in 2004.

Leeds' Kid Symphony, aka Chris Langdon and Pete Denton, released their debut album, The Underqualified last week (21st june). The realisation of two years of writing and recording, the album is unashamedly aimed at entertaining audiences with big choruses, singalong tunes and the flair, finesse and downright irresponsibility that characterises the biggest and best rock bands. Friends since childhood, the pair had already skirted fame with their previous band but this time they came to music with a new, improved approach.

Whilst Chris and Pete are determined to aim for the stars and the biggest stages, the album is entirely their creation. Recorded by them at the legendary Rockfield Studios in the Monmouthshire countryside, Chris and Pete took the advantage of warmer climes to mix the album in Miami. The eleven tracks on the album are their take on what being in a rock band should be all about. Big solos? You got them because when you can play as well as Pete why shouldn’t you? Catchy tunes? Sure, it’s about people enjoying the music. Songs about girls and late nights? Well, of course, isn’t that the point of being in a band?

A tour to coincide with this album is set to be announced.