This article was published in 2004.

The hub is excited to introduce Phrased & Confused, an explosive combination of spoken words about music and music about spoken words, a live literature tour devised to explore the links and differences in our attitudes towards words and music, raps and beats, lyric and song.

Appearing at The HiFi Club, Leeds, on Wednesday 7 July, Phrased & Confused is showcasing at seven different music venues across England. The Phrased & Confused experience is made up of two parts - a daytime workshop for aspiring writers and performers, paired with an evening performance of readings and spoken word.

Writer Patrick Neate, DJ and recording artist Charlie Dark, and poet/musician Earl Zinger will feature in the tour, as well as local guest writers. Neate, Dark, and Zinger will lead the afternoon workshops, giving tips on how to promote and put on a live literature event, how to form your own record label, how to perform your work live and much more. The evening will alternate between a variety of readings and discussions as well as DJ sets from Charlie and Patrick. The event is more than a ‘straight’ gig; unlike any poetry reading ever, don’t expect to simply sit in silence for two hours, this will be an interactive performance that will leave the audience free to dip in out, drink and discuss.

The workshop will be of particular interest to all local performers, musicians, MCs, poets, authors and generally anyone interested in a career in music, performance, musicianship, and/or the written word. It begins at 3.30pm, lasts for two hours and entry is free to all.

The evening 'gig' will cost £4 to attend.