This article was published in 2004.

Work is about to start for the video to the new single by Being 747, titled The Girl Who Fell Asleep Whilst Watching Her Life Flash Before Her Eyes. Some sections in this promo will feature a slew of images as if a life's worth of memories were flashing past before your eyes (imaginitive huh?). For this, Wrath Records would like to appeal to you, the readers of, to scan in and submit the following type of photo images:

* Boring and mundane family photos - elderly relations with party hats on etc...
* Childhood photos - particularly good if from the 60's or 70's
* Family pets - cats, dogs, rabbits, horses etc
* Graduation photos - the more embarrassing the better.
* Holiday snaps - the more poor quality the better.

Anything really, but the more abstract, funny or downright bizzare, the better! The label have had some pretty good stuff so far so please keep them coming. Please email photos to, preferably in Jpeg format and try to limit the size to a maximum of 200kb.