This article was published in 2004.

Leeds based 6-piece Scassa Monakee brought home £250 and second place in York Fibbers annual Battle of the Bands competition on Tuesday 29th with their own brand of live drum ‘n bass and breakbeats fused with funk and jazz.

It was a result that was always going to be close, with Scassa and eventual winners Sixty 6 neck-and-neck with the bookies throughout the six month long contest.

Said Scassa’s drummer Ned Potter with a hint of jovial sarcasm, “judged on categories like originality, who can argue with that?”

The result blew Scassa’s competition record out of the water, as they hoped to consolidate their win in last year's York University Battle of the Bands competition. A band statement read, “we hereby announce our retirement from competition, unless something good comes along, in which case we'll probably enter that.”

The band, now based firmly in Leeds and with gigs across the UK, hope to bring their powerful and frantic rhythms to further audiences over the next few months.