This is a review of "s/t" recorded by King Booty. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2004.

More funky house music? Oh yes. King Booty sound like some sort of cross between those endless ‘chilled dance music’ CDs you see clogging up valuable space in Virgin Megastores and the sound of French dance music from about 1998 - 1999. Only without the French part.

‘Maybe’ mixes some atmospheric pad sweeps and bass fuelled drum beats into an up tempo danceable kind of tune. The poor lyrics don’t help, but then again, anyone who really appreciates this kind of music ain’t listening to the lyrical content. Think of vodka bar Revolution at about 8:15pm on a Saturday night, and this is what you’d expect to hear.

‘Still Walkin’’ is a much better effort. Downbeat and melancholic, the snappy electro beats zip along a musical soundscape of dreamy keyboard phrases and reverbed guitars. The vocal talents of Victoria Fee are at their best here, swamped in a hazy echo that brings out the sickly sweet quality in her soaring vocals. Think of a trendy wine bar at 7pm on a Saturday night and you’re there.

‘Book of Dreams’ has those dreamy keys again (and I do like dreamy keys), with some razor sharp guitar leads and another bouncy drum beat. Skittish and hi-hat crazy, the drums race along to give the track some well needed energy, whilst Ms. Fee soars and croons over Geoff Warren’s imaginative use of blips, beeps and endless keyboard riffs. Mark Tighe also excels in his guitar playing here, belting out a cracking guitar lead.

Leeds seems to be producing just as much of this high class, sophisticated dance music as it does loud and brash rock bands. Maybe that’s a good thing as diversity is the key to a healthy music scene, and King Booty seem to have found their niche. It’s not too soppy, the production values are excellent and the tunes are all there. If they make some more songs like ‘Still Walkin’’, then I’ll be still listening.