This is a review of "In a Better Place" recorded by The Breech. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

The Breech blend a likeable enough mixture of soft-lad introspective indie with some classic pop/rock melodies to produce a relatively straight sound. There's nothing earth shattering about this three song selection yet the clever mixture of instruments, subtly dropping in the odd trombone solo, provides an overall effect that is pleasant, tame and drifting.

All 3 songs have their moments and all are probably just too long for their own good. "Get off my bumper" sees The Breech at their best with the repetitive chiming chorus of "get off my bumper, your like a disease", but the distinct feeling of too much of a good thing finds the tune dragging its heels. The sombre "Black Cars" shows more adept playing and lyricism but has a way too flouncy grade 8 piano line to make it cool. Closer "Egg Shells" provides a melancholic end and displays a mature ear for composition and melody. Again some overly stated instrumental showboating including classical guitar, descends in the realms of the public school music room.

What this collection lacks is a 3 minute up-tempo pop song to offset the 5 minute "everyone gets a solo" styling of the other tracks. Some more alternative bumps and bruises wouldn't hurt in the vein of The Mull Historical Society, making a similar use of the eclectic set of instruments. With evident skill, The Breech have plenty to offer, but a few songs penned when inebriated at 2am might shirk the nice boy fatigues.