This article was published in 2004.

The fifth album from Leeds' Instant Species, Plan "E" is scheduled for release on 18th July 2004. The album is available on enhanced CD format, including videos for the songs She Gives Me Nothing and Night In The City, and is available via the band's website (other stockists to be announced).

The variety of musical styles on Plan "E" range from punk ("No Centrefold"), country ("Scott Free"), disco ("Formula 1") to pure guitar pop ("Night In The City") - Instant Species never conform to the narrow bracket many bands find themselves in.

"I think it's one of the reasons we keep enjoying it," notes guitarist Bob Spencer. "Other bands get stuck in a rut, tiring of being type cast in what they're doing. We've never been afraid to bring in other influences. But the calypso track didn't make it to this one!"