This is a review of "Dust" recorded by Zealous. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

Vocalist/guitarist Dan Pearce, bass player Pete Green and drummer Chris Smith are throwing their hearts into Zealous. Here's instalment one from Haliax ... a neatly produced rock single with two songs.

"Dust" blows in with a distinctive heroism-of-the-distorted guitar line. It has a big feel to it and Dan's voice goes charing up to the edge of a convincing emotional roar. Pete and Chris bash away in monsters of rock dudgeon and it really ain't at all bad. There's a twiddly bit towards the end, and that's OK too. That ace guitar theme comes back to tidy up and it sounds pretty euphoric this time.

"Morning Missed" is a crap pun that I would be proud of, and then delete. But the song continues the thread of "Dust" with chin-up guitar going right out there to win the dream back. Dan's voice is stronger and tunier. The dream might well be female shaped. At just over six minutes it doesn't completely repay its time investment. But it does convince me that the band have got some style and a good ear for a basic rock song. They're no way leading edge, but they keep plenty of distance between them and the standard clich├ęs. This single says Zealous have arrived fully formed in the rock section without any puppy fat or bedroom guitar cramps. Hooray.