This is a review of "Sapphire" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

If The Music are the Arsenal of the Leeds Music Scene premiership, then Bodixa are probably Southampton. They're not going to be playing each other in a cup final but the comparison rings true when viewing Bodixa as the perennial mid-tablers, never quite reaching the top, occasionally surpassing all expectation and always starting with that nagging thought of relegation. Bodixa's tactics for continued top-flight living is to sound like Norah Jones and Alanis Morisette's lesbian love child with some pages from the song books of Ben & Jason, Coldplay and David Gray.

"Sapphire" is a little gem (sorry couldn't resist) with it's sultry sweeping tones, building into a full sounding crescendo. Occasionally the Alanis Vinaigrette comparisons are a little to close for comfort and this will certainly rest easier with a slightly older audience. In contrast the introspective "Bathroom Window" sees the creative juices in full flow, brooding as it does like a 1000 mile stare and offering a perfect downtime soundtrack.

It's hard to grasp on just a two song offering, but whether conscious or not, this is definite step on the adult orientated gravy train. There is still enough in the way of alternative and dark elements to keep Bodixa running with the kids but perhaps not for much longer.