This is a review of "Destroy Reality TV" recorded by Tract. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

Hey dismals, cheer up. It's Tract to the rescue. They refuse to enjoy dross, shit or reality TV. They make a lovely fresh noise with bass, guitar, drums and two fine voices.

Dan Kiener sings and plays guitar. Liz Hunter plays t'riffic bass and sings a bit further away and Jason Howard drums like someone who believes in the value of practice.

Three songs are on promotional offer. And if I was a venue promoter I'd be polishing the stage, dusting off the colour gels, and photocopying flyers for a Tract headline ASAP. It's the crackly sound of real talent arriving.

"Destroy Reality TV" features a great non-linear guitar line and some noises from the tin marked "imaginative". It rocks.

"It Takes Shape" can't sound so great after "Destroy ..." but it does start with the words "Holy Moly!" which is nice. It then becomes a very handsome vehicle for Dan's passionate singing and choppy guitar. There is much bass and drum creativity. It's good.

"Please Stop Now Before More You Drown More People" is an invitation to the scum world leaders to stop being an arse with carbon emissions. Or is it the crying game with girlfriend #3? Anyway, it's epic and really exciting too. A punky drums n' guitar intro mutates powerpopwards with a real tune and Liz's lovely echoey vocal counterpoint "whoa oh! whoa oh!". Maybe I spotted the kitchen sink in there somewhere too. But what the hell. I love it.