This is a review of "Better Than That" recorded by Last Night's TV. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2001.

This CD was a challenge to me as I am not used to reviewing acoustic material but I thought I would give it a go. Last Nights TV is a three-piece acoustic band from Leeds, comprising of guitars/vocals, percussion and violin. An interesting mixture.

Their 1st track, "Better Than That", started off very lively with a strummed guitar and percussion. There were some basic chord changes in this track, which added to the track's commercial quality. The vocals were almost falsetto in their style and they worked very well. When the violin came in, it sounded slightly out of tune from the guitar, which sounded a little harsh on the ears. Overall, a very good track.

Their 2nd track, "Tomorrow's Clothes", seemed to be over too quickly. I would really have liked this track to last a lot longer because it had lots of potential.

Their final track, "My Side Of The Reach", was the best song on the demo by far, and really should have been 1st in my opinion, instead of being hidden at the end of the demo. Again starts with a strummed guitar, and has a very low vocal line, which sounds better in the track than the falsetto of the 1st track. It also has a very haunting melody line, which makes the song stand out on its own. Would have sounded nicer if it had some percussion in. Very good.

Last Nights TV is a very good band as it shows on this CD, and have potential. The only thing that lets them down is the actual length of the songs. I look forward to seeing them live soon.