This is a review of "Damn You Evil Women, Damn You!" recorded by Bonsai Kittens. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

One of the several quite good things about this CD is the little booklet that comes with it. There is a really lovely picture on the front (see illustration). And inside you get a soppy/serious story about what each song means. Plus lots of tiny little mice and goldfish on the back. Fantasy Food Wallpaper for the masses. If you're a cat.

The great thing about the CD, of course, is the testicle-tweaking jollity of rock's genre-by-genre deconstruction that is the Bonsai Kittens' acrid scent marker.

Heavy metal cat domination; lo-fi retro eye gouging; Corner Shop meets Midge Ure shafting Mike Skinner in Leeds 6; Human League slaps the Playstation for self abuse; Super Mario meets the daleks in We are Devo mode;. yup: they're Evil.

"I've finished, I don't know about you" is my favourite line. It reminds of how funny Victoria Wood used to be. Still is, probably.

This is the Bonsai Kittens in the full flood of what they were doing so well on the last release - arranging and posing some cunningly well-played fragments of pop's dressing-up and jewellery box with wicked grins and childlike directness in the button pressing department. Underestimate at your peril, says I. "Now it's game over" are words you would not like to hear for real. Not from this lot anyway.

I'm not going to give them five stars because they will become big headed and famous and probably stop being funny. Just like Charlotte Church, or Rachel Stevens probably. And I'm certainly not going to tell you about the secret track. Or how much I laughed. It would not be seemly.

There really is nothing like 'em. You must have a Bonsai Kittens CD in your cupboard and you must see a live set before you die.