This is an archive of the band profile for The Occupation.

The Occupation are an explosive rock band with a growing following and an original sound. Having recently completed a new demo with producer Carl Rosamond, the band are finding strong support. The Occupation are snapping up offers for gigs and requests for copies of the demo have forced a second pressing.

The Occupation are an electrifying live act. An immense rhythm section dispenses bruising grooves, gale-force guitars soar majestically and impassioned vocals deliver songs about the necessity of finding and sustaining love. The band have refined their performance at venues in Leeds such as The Cockpit, Joseph's Well, The Royal Park Cellars, The Packhorse and The Vine.

With a magnificent recording, significant live experience and a growing fan-base, The Occupation are looking to take their sound to a larger audience. The band are committed to both artistic and commercial advancement and are seeking to forge alliances with those who can share in their success..