This is an archive of the band profile for Distinction.

Distinction formed in late 2003 and is made up of Sharon, her brother Junior as well as good friends Tim and Nish. The band started playing round the Leeds circuit in early of 2004, starting with the smaller venues such as Joseph's Well moving on to the bigger venues such as the Cockpit. It was a great achievment playing the Cockpit. Not only did we headline the gig, we got the highest attendance for an unsigned band at the Cockpit. The first demo we recorded was recorded at Pravda Studio in Leeds in late November 2004, and produced by the band and Matt. The in house engineer Matt has previously worked with bands such as the Kaiser Chiefs. The band has since recorded a new demo which features two tracks called "Loose Control" and "Into the Light". The songs were recorded and produced by Ross and the band at Ghosttown Studio. The band's influences include The Foo Fighters, No Doubt and Creed..