This is an archive of the band profile for Negative Opinionz.

James Ibeson - Guitar/Vocals
David Smith - Bass/Vocals
Peter Hinchcliffe - Drums

We are a thrash hardcore punk band from the Huddersfield area. We started out about 4 years ago... our main influences are Propagandhi, Bones Brigade, Minor Threat, Municipal Waste, Anti-flag etc. We write songs about things that really matter in life like racism, sexism and homophobia and we are not proud to be British. We been gigging for a while and now we are looking to play even more gigs in Leeds and outside. We've done about 2 recording that we are proud of - one we did with HD1 Studios in Huddersfield and the other we did a split CD with our good friends UYA at Huddersfield Tech College... and hope we will be going into HD1 again to record a demo we will give out to all you people..