This is a review of "I tried it, I liked it, I loved it" recorded by Decoration. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

John Peel loves them and he's not the only one! This 3 track follow up to the astonishingly good "Thomas Pink Session" is another warning shot across the bows of the music listening public - whistling past with the words "you will adore us" ringing in the ears of all those who dare get in their way.

After a successful Peel session and a headlining slot for Fierce Panda it will surely not be long before Decoration are the Indie heroes we always said they would be! "I tried it, I liked it, I loved it" carries on where the TPS left off with soaring northern Indie in the best traditions of The Wedding Present, The Smiths and The Buzzcocks. Three songs to grip your emotions with a simple recipe of interfering chiming guitars and a reflection on real life.

Decoration find themselves in that rarest of positions for an unsigned band: having to better a previous release! Glorious opener and title track "I tried it, I liked it, I loved it" is neck-hair tingling from the moment the guitars roar in. While "Pine" shows off the other side to Decoration's master plan: bloody clever lyrics - "Who know, who knows I met never have found you, touching your toes, in the alpine section of the garden centre, where anything grows" superb! Closer "Pavey Ark" finds the band in a more reflective mood with a tale of a mountain rescue gone wrong.

As a stand alone record this surpasses most others around it but it doesn't quite beat the immediacy of their previous release. One possible accusation is the retro sound of this record not being the "retro" that is cool at the minute - But with songs this good, another Peel session booked in and a mounting army of fans, who cares? Miss out at your own peril!