This is an archive of the band profile for Olvidar.

Olvidar have gone from a small town 4 piece metal act practicing in the drummers dining room, to a 3 piece hardcore metal monster.

Olvidar began about 1 and half years ago, but back then they were under the name of "Hollow". The band consisted of Roundy, Andy, Dan and Taylor. After making the basis of a few songs, founding member Taylor decided that being in a band wasn't for him anymore. After the departure of Taylor, "Hollow" changed to "Nokternal", with Roundy, Dan and Andy pushing the songs they had made to their limits. But there was still a gap in the band which Taylor had left. So they next recruted Thorn to fill this gap, as this was happening, "Nokternal" changed to "Nexus". Once again everything started running smoothly... until Dan also decided playing in a band at that point in his life wasn't for him. So with this second departure, the name, style and sound now changed, "Nexus" changed to the title of the first song the band had written "Olvidar". Once Dan had finally gone... Olvidar were left with some kool songs and a badass new guitarist.

Over the past 9 to 10 months Olvidar have been working there ass's off to create the perfect metal sound, for themselves and for the fans. Olvidar's sound is unlike most bands that you hear these days. They mix raw agression in the fast, skilled guitar from Thorn, with the fully distorted pounding bass from Roundy with the speeding double bass and pin point fill arrangement from Andy.

To put Olvidar into a metal genre would be difficult. Roundy, Thorn and Andy all have different tastes in music, can be be hard to work with sometimes. They take different elements from each style they like and make there own style of Hardcore, Black, Thrash, Old School, Speed metal... which when mixed together, makes a style any sort of metal-head can enjoy.

Now with their very own first EP "A Higher Level Of Hatred" under their belts, Olvidar will be able to explore the metal industry how they please....