This is an archive of the band profile for The Flying Horses.

Explosive rock trio The Flying Horses are the modern day living cliché of the classic rock era. Despite their youthful appearance the trio bring to the stage 18 years of combined experience, along with a die hard following and a catalogue of well penned energetic rock anthems. The band's main selling point is their broad style which, despite sticking within the boundaries of the rock genre, does cater for both the dough hearted ballad lover and the trigger happy hard-rock junkie.

The band developed their style by walking the heavily trodden punk-rock route, before diverting to blues and then experimenting with an array of different styles including funk, jazz and metal before making a decision as to what their resulting style would be.

The Flying Horses are one of the few bands in Leeds who give equal weight to both their stage show and their stage sound..