This is a review of "Prototype" recorded by Soberskin. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

This accomplished recording goes out as a three-track CD on September 13th on Over Unity Records.

Lead song "Prototype" adopts early Parisman style with some Depeche Modish keyboard licks that lead into a guitar/bass/drums band song with a keyboard middle section that isn't quite rock and isn't quite dance.

And despite some modest underproduction and uncertainty of genre it is a real pop song with lots going for it, including a cute finish.

"Good Time" announces dance floor timedate 1983. Guy Thomas gives it an imperious vocal snarl, while jiggly jiggly keyboards and solid bass and drums bundle it relentlessly forward. The end result of such a development, I would have thought, was Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Let the wall of sound be built! So far, this doesn't have quite a big enough sound to exploit the good ideas that drive it.

Closer "Siren" leans back over towards the bluesy guitar band with keyboard decoration. Again, the ideas are there but the sound doesn't really shred the plastic. Soberskin have established a name as masters of a small corner of English music that flowered 20 years ago. Maybe it's their lot to revive it for another generation. A bit more production glamour and a bit more sonic drama would help the mission.