This is a review of "Gravity EP" recorded by Embrace. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

A well-made market-pitched record with little of interest for the music fan. The rather Coca Cola Championship song comes from Embrace's good friend Chris Martin. There is an emotional and firmly sung tune with words about . gravity. Pulls on everyone, apparently. It has the pulse of a normally relaxed physically fit person two hours before waking. A piano plays obvious chords in a one two one two one two busking style beloved of bands who don't play piano. A steadily rising guitar adds some ebow and a bit of a suppressed roar towards the end and the bass and drums do a holding job and stay well out of the way. The video has freshly shampooed hair and some soft-focus friendliness drifting in and out of the studio as the band forget all about multi-tracking, monitors, properly screened vocal mikes or other helpful technicalities. If only. Wrath would die of shame to push out such a klutz. But is in wide-screen format.

Complete pap basically. But still far better than the majority of chart records and well-deserving of a top ten placing throughout September as 17 year-old girls say good-bye to their 18 year old boy friends setting off for University. I wouldn't turn it off, but then I probably wouldn't notice it was on. There are versions of the CD with other tracks. The Chris Martin tune is the headline grabber though. Good luck with it lads!

And get your cynical selves down to HMV in Leeds on Monday 13th September at 5.30pm where the band will be setting up to play live and to sign the full album from which the single is taken. They will undoubtedly outshine much of the local talent playing that night in Leeds, however much I might mock. You will need to get down first thing in the morning for a pair of lucky wrist bands. Queue overnight if your Mum, the police and the psychiatric services let you.