This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Berretta. The review was written by Andy Roberts in 2003.

An electro-guitar experimentalist five piece named after James Bond's original weapon of choice before the now legendary Walther PPK, Berretta formed in Leeds in 2001. Consisting of Grace on vocals, Joe and Rob on guitars, electronics by a chap called Andy and bass from Dr Pyncho, the band have already found themselves in the YTV studios and more recently, the depths of the Royal Park Cellars plus the Hard Rock Café last Tuesday. It's the intriguingly-named Doc that supplies a hearty Joy Division rumble bass to the first track 'Disgusting', which after a squelchy-beaty intro works its way into a fret-throttling sleazy guitar lick. Grace's vocals are quality but the lyrics of the chorus essentially the word "disgusting" repeated the first time around, then "revolting" the next, are slightly grating given the fact that they're not pretty words. Kind of the point one supposes - it makes the track memorable after all. 'In Cold Blood' begins in similar vein but with much more acidic Aphex-ish beats and reverbing jangling guitars. Similar ideas on the chorus front here with thrice-repeated phrases which work in a less jarring manner. The venom with which the lines "Don't flatter yourself boy - she's not that bothered / She turns her back and walks away" are delivered is delicious. There's a near sneering manner to it - you can easily imagine some cock-sure clown being on the receiving end of such a vitriolic aside in some bar in town on a Saturday night. Final track 'Never Be Loved' eschews the synthetic beats for some live drums but a similar feel overall. Interesting, sophisticated but possibly not quite firing on all barrels just yet.