This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Stonefish. The review was written by Andy Roberts in 2003.

A year on from the debut from Leeds/Bradford's Stonefish and here we have a further six straight down the line rock tracks. What a busy old year it's been too - dates in the Mid West of the US of A, last six finalists in the Sennheiser 'Best Unsigned Artist Contest', playing on the pitch at Belle Vue for a Wakefield Wildcats Super League match and supporting Reef on tour to name but a few. But let's not get carried away now lads. A musically talented bunch you may be, but on the strength of this little lot, not the most inventive. It's easy to be impressed by opener 'Powerless' with characteristically impassioned and rousing vocals from frontman Rob Karl making the chorus truly memorable. What is less easy to deal with is a further five tracks of formulaic, Bon Jovi-style, wannabe stadium rock. If re-recorded without the contemporary steely production this truly could be the soundtrack to some trashy 80's American film. It's like Nirvana never happened.