This article was published in 2004.

The Masterpeace Festival is going inject a slice of the ever popular growing National Festival scene into Leeds; this is Leeds very only summer time chillout festival and is hoping to establish itself nationally within the summertime festival network. Picking the Faversham, a venue at the heart of Leeds' 2004 summer festival culture, organisers hope to re-introduce the legendary Garden Party feel to the whole event.

The Masterpeace is taking its influences from the Big Chill, using all the Big Chill DJs for the outside DJ Stage. So you will be able to sit back on the grass and relax the whole day away or go round to the other stages and enjoy a day's mixture of musical delights.

Throughout the day and night, live music performances and dancers will entertain the audience, with many craft stalls and other delights too.

The event takes place on Sunday, August 22nd at the Faversham and costs £7 in advance per ticket.