This article was published in 2004.

Leeds rock band Xi have been chosen to play a high profile all-weekend fringe event running parallel to this year's official "In The City" at Manchester's Dry Bar.

The three-day-show, organised by Glasswerk Promotions, will have two stages and has 53 acts already booked to play out of an expected final total of 70+. Xi will play the main stage on Sunday afternoon 19th September. Other Leeds acts so far billed to play the event include The Lucida Console (main stage, Sunday afternoon), Seven Hours (main stage Saturday afternoon) and Kram (small stage, Sunday afternoon).

Although not officially part of the ITC music industry conference, Glasswerk in the City has already been recognised as the "official" fringe in articles in industry press such as the influential Audience Magazine. The Dry Bar show will feature both signed and unsigned acts including ex-Terrorvision and Leafeater hybrid Malibu Stacey, B-Movie Heroes and Art Brut.

Xi manager, Steve Kind, said "Being invited to play Glasswerk In The City is a real boost for Xi in the run-up to the release of their first album. We know enough to realise that there won't be eager A&R execs in every bar in Manchester that weekend, and that's not what it's about as far as the band are concerned - but we are confident that whoever is listening will be impressed."