This is a review of "Energise EP" recorded by Session X. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2004.

Hailing from the same village as myself, Session X arrive on the Leeds scene and rip through four tracks of furious funk tinged soulful tunes, guaranteed to have either a foot tapping or a head nodding.

'Love Can't Turn Around' is an upbeat, bass fueled monster of a song, featuring some excellent guitar playing and some seriously funky dynamics. The harmonies on the chorus manage to give the song that extra bit of energy and the reverbed vocals give the track that extra inch of cool. The blistering guitar lead at the end is also a welcome inclusion to the mix.

'Moonlight Avenue' is a more subdued effort, but no less enjoyable. Distinctly joyful and upbeat, it's a nice enough exercise in a happy, melodic kinda song. Like an early 60's pop band playing funk, it'll raise a smile if nothing else.

'Lady of the Night' is a slow, sombre acoustic number, featuring lines about walking alone, and stuff like that. The haunting backing vocals and distant electric guitar swells are a welcome bit of diversity and really set the song as a beautiful little number; this is undoubtedly the torch song for sure. Although the lyrics don't really give me goosebumps, it's a nice enough song.

'Newday' picks things up again with its bursting brass tinged intro and snappy guitar work, the song feels bright and breezy. Settling down for a mid pace stoner jam, it slips and slides along, sitting in a slow groove. The outro leaves the EP where the song starts, with its fast pace and furious guitar riffing.

Overall, Session X sound musically tight, and full of energy and ideas. A perfect complement for any jazz bar this side of Bradford.