This is a review of "Biting Insomnia" recorded by Fulc. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

There are few bands on the local scene that are capable of producing a piece of work as accomplished as this. Arguably there are few bands on the local scene that are as well bank rolled as Fulc, but money only buys you a superior production job it doesn't write the songs for you. Biting Insomnia is packed with 12 (+1 secret) master classes in writing phenomenally big rock music. To say this is an album I would never buy (purely based on genre) is one thing, but putting it in context, this is the album that I have enjoyed the most from any of the recent selection I have been sent. The reason for this is Fulc's ability to broaden their horizons beyond their pure contemporary rock base. With seamless subtlety they draw on angst, an acute ear for pop/rock melody, and the sheer enjoyment of all-out guitar power. Influences, realised or not extend through Muse, QOTSA, Soundgarden, Audioslave, to China Drum, but Fulc are thankfully largely influenced by Fulc and provide a convincing sound that is truly their own.

Few can boast a gig schedule as rigorous as Fulc and there are clear signs that all that time spent playing in dives, learning to convert fresh ears has paid dividends. Not for one moment do the band falter from their upfront balls-out mission to have you air-guitaring & drumming across your bedroom. Cry tears of pleasure and pain to anthems such as "Not Lazy" and "Taken Guilty", grin manically to "Drawn Out" and "Feet" and just marvel at the cunning on "Evolution" and "Again". Some outstandingly good knob twiddling by Mark (Muse) Thomas makes every corner of this debut shine.

There are a lot of Leeds bands that would fall under the same style as Fulc, of the many I've heard none are doing it this well and if a benchmark is required then they have it in this record. If Biting Insomnia has a failing it is probably a prime victim for the fickle hoards of the music industry, being as it is, perfect in a style that is not the music of tomorrow, but instead more the sound of the past four years. For those of us not worried about getting our arse burnt in the A&R hotbed then a good record remains a good record and Fulc have just delivered.