This is a review of "Mr M" recorded by four day Hombre. The review was written by Andy Buchan in 2004.

It all starts so innocently, like most addictions. Warm guitars permeate the simple piano while the yearning falsetto vocals gently ease into line as "Mr M" slowly takes shape. The "it’s not what it used to be" refrain resonates around your head, bouncing off this, that and the others. But you know sense something is coming, lurking with menace. This is merely the calm.

The piano trembles and Boeing guitars fireball in, the drums smash and explode before the male vocals detonate in your veins, the pure uncut emotion coursing without a heroine in sight. It’s simple, epic, and leaves you gasping for more.

Thankfully, "Drink" steals up on you like a mugger listening to Mogwai, its grandiose crescendo’s sweeping you off your feet before the mugger turns out to be a cute Pixie, making off with your stereo before disappearing in a poof of fairy dust.

"The boy with the mended heart" is more of the same hit. Military drums titter in the back before the shimmering vocals attack you with real bite. All three are brilliant break-up songs, veering from moody melancholy to cuddly warmth in the flicker of an eye.

It’s not perfect. The tracks fade away too quickly if anything and could easily march on for another 2 minutes of bombastic joy. But it feels a little churlish to complain: there’s well over 700 seconds of undiluted pop joy on display leaving one very satiated addict.