This is a review of "Stupid & Contagious" recorded by Kram. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Despite obvious youth Kram manage to regurgitate punk metal ideas that have been well worn by bands of the same ilk for the past 20 years. Quite a full study could be carried out on the number of songs that begin with the chord progression that opens "Still Wish You Were Mine", I estimate somewhere in the region of 200-300. The rather sloppy drumming and ploddy bass adds to the overall loose effect of the CD, while vocalist Si Elvin does his best to make up the lost passion by belting out some cheap tricks in the melody dept. Only on closer "Can't Deny You" do Kram have a moment, stepping into a Nirvana-esque chorus before destroying the mood with a far too sweet verse. Improved skill in playing, song writing, and production should see an improved output from Kram in the future.