This is a review of "My Life Was Ruined By The Wind-Up Birds" recorded by The Wind-up Birds. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

"Warning signal, warning sign, put these thoughts out of your mind" are the first words that you are greeted with when listening to The Wind-up Birds' new EP and they will be same words that you'll spend the next week singing to yourself whether you like it or not.

"Round Here" is packed with a sort of prog rock bass line that is camouflaged by breezy Happy Mondays flickering guitars. Then the snarling lead vocals cry over the top in the form of a polite John Lydon if he'd spent the last year taking elocution lessons.

In contrast "Glow" sees vocal duties being passed round the band and this charming anthem sees the influence of a certain former member of the Smiths shine through. With a beautiful dreamy chorus and a hint of strings that act as a fluffy cushion for the song to rest on.

"Drinking Song" sees the band revert back to their edgier, in your face style and it also becomes apparent that the bands direction is heavily influenced by who is closest to the mic. With Paul in charge then you can expect a punk rock slap in the face while with Matt you're more likely to be serenaded from below.

Final track "Stay Close To the Driver" sees the band somehow produce a song that is influenced by both The Smiths and The Sex Pistols. On paper it shouldn't work yet in reality it's an absolute belter.

An essential listen for anyone who loves or hates punk.