This is a review of "Go National" recorded by ninepoundnote. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

As ninepoundnote so politely put it, "Well there's people judging music on originality. I move my feet if I like the beat and that's good enough for me!" Well my ska punk playing friend this is Leeds Music Scene and you won't get far with that attitude.

In all respect as far as ska punk goes this is hardly ground breaking in the originality stakes and isn't going to win anyone over who already holds acts such as Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake with utter contempt.

However for those that love to skank their way through this world then "Go National" is a dream come true. Tracks like "Go National", "Surreality TV" and "Seven Revolution" will probably have you tapping your feet with musical delight and the quirky Geordie inspired comedy of "Scooter Guy" will have you chuckling to yourself for the first few listens.

As with most ska punk albums the majority of songs seem to drift into each other and the band seem to lack the variety of nearest rivals Fine Apple. Though if stars were given for sheer determination to succeed then these Bradford lads would get full marks.

Considering this was recorded in Jonny's bedroom the band must be congratulated for producing such a high quality sounding record but musically they have stayed within the boundaries of the ska-punk genre and because of that it's hard to get over excited. I did tap my feet for a bit though.