This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Tacoma. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2003.

Opening with a swirling, effect laden guitar and brooding synth "Bite The Hand" evokes memories of many of Britpop's finest; the gloomy brightness of Mansun and guitar lines "borrowed" from Suede. The chorus does what so many choruses fail to do as drills 6 inches into your brain and sets up camp. A great vocal melody combined ensures you'll be coming back for a repeat play. The production is good and the arrangement and instrumentation is even better. Lyrically adept and musically proficient it's a fine introduction to the band; most importantly though, it's a damn fine tune.

As "Shine Your Light" opens up I have to check the sleeve again to ensure that the vocalist isn't Mover singer Sam Hazeldine. The soulful vocals, seemingly always on the verge of cracking, bring memories of Lincoln's finest flooding back. The atmospheric synth is back and employed well. A gentle ballad that breaks out halfway through before settling down once more it again highlights the band's musicality. Not sure if it's just the vocals that remind me of Mover now though.

By "Demons" I'm getting a little tired of the synth and feel that it's a case of too much of a good thing. The son itself is good but not as great as the opener but there's enough on this disc to point towards more good things to come from Tacoma.