This is a review of "Music Is Life EP" recorded by The Fuss. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2003.

"Lonely" imbeds itself in my head immediately. Unfortunately it's because it has the worst guitar lick ever. And it appears more than once. On the whole the track sounds a bit messy and lyrically it's a bit tiresome. Shouty, heard it all before indie rock.

Next along is "Suzie", an acoustic Black Crowes wannabe of a ballad. The vocalist's voice just isn't good enough to really make this track stand out. It's not even a good enough Rich Robinson and co homage to rival Proud Mary. Some basic blues guitar woven over the top and the repetitive chorus have you waiting for the end. The bridge is quite a nice change but disappointingly the songs then goes back into more of the same.

Another gentle strum-along, "Days Like This" has a little more to offer than the previous two tracks. A strong vocal melody and pleasant descending guitar motif provide the basis for an easy on the ear pop tune. "Lions Den" closes proceedings by opening with a moody piano intro and washing of cymbals. It's both dull and forgettable though, the wailing vocals soon becoming irritating.