This is an archive of the band profile for Scatter.

Scatter are a recently formed indie guitar band from Bradford, a band that is truly sickened by the sorry, manufactured mire that is the charts. Scatter offer a refreshing combination of uplifting guitars and wistful vocals with catchy songs and killer choruses.

Scatter are:

Amanda - vocals, rhythm guitar, piano
Mark - guitar
Glamorous Gaz - bass
Jim - drums and vibes

Scatter have recently released a 1000 limited edition CD called "Judas", which is available in HMV (Bradford and Leeds), Jumbo and Crash (Leeds) or by emailing the band.

Singer Amanda is an avid Leeds fan and was so gutted by Alan Smith's departure to Scum that she felt compelled to write her feelings down, resulting in the song Judas. The song isn't vindictive, but it just expresses the feelings of many Leeds fans - the feeling of being let down (yet again), cheated, deceived. The song was featured recently on Soccer Night Extra - Yorkshire Television..