This is a review of "Learning" recorded by Xi. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

A teaser track from their forthcoming album, "Learning" begins with a fantastic guitar into; its not complicated but it certainly has attitude in a serious rock sense; a style they are not commonly associated with. However, Xi are unashamedly a prog rock band and a quick return-to-what-you-do best is in order. Something that becomes evident once vocalist Daz takes the mic.

Whilst this is very well produced and highlights them as a good band, the downside is whether this is a sound that Leeds' music fans want to hear.

There's no doubt that Xi will - and should - continue to do exactly what they enjoy doing. But I fear for them. Despite their technical ability and talent, it may be a little irrelevant if they have a diminished audience to start with. Shame, but here's hoping...