This is an archive of the band profile for Voltaires, The.

Conceived in Spring 2004, The Voltaires were locked in their Leeds studio for most of said year writing more songs than you could shake a stick at (unless you're the owner of some sort of stick-waving machine).

They emerged, bleary eyed and unfamiliar with the world, to subject gig-goers to their psych-pop-blues-punk racket in early 2005 - gig-goers were impressed and offered them their affection.

The Anti-Love E.P. was released, also in 2005, on the This Is Art label. Again people said nice things and The Voltaires were most gracious.

2006 saw the band embark on their first national tour and prepare their sophomore release. Immense.

2007 was the Chinese Year Of The Pig. The Voltaires celebrated this by trying not to eat much bacon AND by recording. Lots. The band released the first tracks from these sessions on the 3rd December - the double a-side single 'Hard Lines' / 'Sign Me Up'. We thought it was ACE. So did some other nice people.

2008 was very kind indeed to The Voltaires with lots of MEGA gigs, the release of our 'Sugar Filled Chemistry' E.P. and the lovely people at Mtv2 playlisting the video for our song '(I Hate) Saturday Nights'.

Founder member, and top drum bloke, Winny, left the band at the start of 2009 due to a move down South/an argument over the correct pronunciation of the word "hegemony". But we only went and found DOUBLE ACE drum bloke Bobby Syme to replace him didn't we? Yes. Along with the usual phenomenal pop concerts we embarked on our second UK tour in 2010 before retreating to our pop bunker in 2011 to write songs our debut album.

Recording took place throughout 2012. We barely saw the sunlight. Apparently there was an Olympics. Or sumfink.

18 months later, The Voltaires' latest musical fruits are ripe and juicy and almost ready to fall from the tree. Prepare your senses xxx

"No songs over 3 minutes and 30 seconds - GUARANTEED!"*

*Not a guarantee.