This is a review of "Robots Of Power EP" recorded by The Future Of Transporte. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

Some all round poor production (that's music and packaging) scores marks against new Leeds outfit The Future Of Transporte. But what of the content? You know that sketch in the Fast Show which was a piss take of Indie music shows, where the music was meant to be appreciated for its art? ... currently that's The Future Of Transporte. In an aim at surrealism they have unfortunately steered into the neighbouring territory of comedy.

It is refreshing to hear a band attempting something so far from the norm and given time this may well work. In brief moments there is a distinct Lou Reed and early Bowie feel which is enough to encourage future investigation. There is however so little of the underlying wit or intelligence and too many cheap shots and funny voices that this early attempt should be simply committed to the file marked "experiences to be learnt from".

Best song of the 3 is the Reedesque "Cherry Blossom", worst by far is title track "Robots of Power" featuring a "They're coming so beware" style voice over in the intro.