This article was published in 2004.

Leeds 6 guitar shop Rockshack and venue Royal Park Cellars are getting together to jointly promote a charity show to celebrate the birthday of agit-prop rocker Billy Bragg – and the singer himself has backed the show by nominating a charity and donating a signed photo to raffle.

The organisers are now putting out a call for local performers that would like to take part.

All door takings from the show will be contributed to The Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture – the charity to which Billy Bragg donated his winnings on TV quiz “Celebrity Weakest Link”. Long time Billy Bragg fan and Rock Shack employee Tony Lambert came up with the idea:

“It seemed a good idea to do a show based around Billy that would not only raise the issues that he cares about – and you can’t perform the songs without raing the issues – but that would actually do something about them. When we contacted him about the show he was really supportive and now we’re determined to make it happen.

”He has a universal appeal and there can’t be many musicians who don’t have at least a passing acquaintance with his work – and we need Leeds musicians to make the show a success”

Tony would like to hear from any local musicians who would like to get up on stage at RPC and do two or three Billy Bragg songs – he will co-ordinate the show which will take place at The Royal Park Cellars on Monday, 20th December – the actual date of the singer’s birthday.

Any performers wishing to take part can contact Tony at Rockshack on 0113 2306363.