This is an archive of the band profile for 9 Volt Shot.

Rory Holl - Guitar and vocals
Dave Watson - Guitar and backing vocals
James Bornshin - Bass Guitar
Stuart Cooke - Drums and percussion

Formed in summer 2004, 9 Volt Shot, who were James, Rory, Stu and Tim, gigged around Leeds and Wakefield bringing a smile to everyones faces and a leak in their pants. Everything seemed rosy until top lead guitar player and good friend Tim decided to toddle down to Cambridge and be a genius (which he is) - we were sad that he had to go 'cos he was a damn good asset to the 9 Volt Shot team and we all miss him, but now since he got married to a rosebush we have lost contact, BUT! In walks Dave Watson to save the day and a new re-vamped 9 Volt Shot emerge with a new approach to writing music and having a good time! After many a pint in the Rose and Crown they are ready to kick some big fat funky booty!.