This is a review of "One of Three EP" recorded by Johnny Poindexter. The review was written by Andy Buchan in 2004.

You really should like Johnny Poindexter. It all comes in cute and playful packaging with a stick-man Johnny dancing across the CD. Its press blurb is self effacing yet confident. The music is bursting at the seams of their corduroy too, full of drum and bass, feedback frenzies, lo-fi electronica and passionately played drone rock. And, if that wasn't enough, they have a thumping bass on 1st track "We meet by accident" that would make Roni Size hang his head in shame.

But, like the new kid in school, Johnny Poindexter seems a little unsure, a little unsteady on his feet yet with a certain je n’ai sais something that sets him and apart. He looks the part, he walks the part and he sure as hell talks the talk to get the part.

But, there’s still something missing. Maybe it’s the string of different vocalists that denies them a true voice; maybe it’s the sweeping changes in tempo and direction. They clearly have more musical influences than you can shake a stick at. "Place your trust in empty spaces" is a maelstrom of angst and emotion while closer "Madeline" soundtracks the voices in a disturbed angel's head, resonating with joyful sin. Elsewhere, the wonderfully titled "Empty shores on desolate beaches" is a grandiose sonic vista that sounds like the Nine Horsemen of the Apocalypse having a stoned chat about this, that and Fern and Phil.

But by packing in so many ideas, by combining so many genres on one EP, Johnny Poindexter has become a little bit muddled and just a little confused. It’s hugely expansive and rewarding but like that new kid, will take some time to appreciate.