This is a review of "My Army EP" recorded by The Sunshine Underground. The review was written by Lauren Strain in 2004.

Well, *insert expletive here* me! I’m in love, or something... yes, I want to join their army, I even want a badge and everything.

Firstly, The Sunshine Underground have a name that says it all – their hot-blooded squall is a strangled laser-beam of light slicing through many a gritty, mucky, concrete venue. Vocals hit peaks you would never have thought possible without the infliction of grievous bodily harm or downing a quart of hydrochloric acid.

‘Commercial Breakdown’ thrusts together guitars writhing with life and a drum onslaught that’s enough to drill a tunnel to the centre of the earth. Then the singer, well... he starts to sing, and my oh my, is it good. Especially when he obstinately declares "You’re never gonna get me..." In fact, words escape me really. As soon as the neighbours venture off on holiday I’m gonna blast this out on the highest possible volume so that they come running back home in a state of realisation that Leeds produces some of the Coolest Stuff Ever.

Second track ‘My Army’ is forgettable but ‘Let Me Know’ ups the ante once more with its leering, threatening intonations. Yum. The wah-wah outro is unnecessary, but I’m really not gonna complain here... tell me more, tell me more!