This is an archive of the band profile for Team Modeliste.

Modeliste are a supercharged, high-octane funk rock outfit hailing from Halifax and Bradford in the North West of England. Formed in August 2003, the line up consists of:

Ben Adey: Vocals, Bass
Ross McOwen: Guitar, Backing vocals
Benjamin Stevens: Drums, Backing vocals

In March 04 Modeliste released their debut album 'Get Involved' independently on their own label Drop Handle Records. This coincided with the bands resurgence from months in the rehearsal room to the live circuit. Within 3 months of continuous gigging 'Get Involved' had sold in excess of 1,000 copies! And has received acclaim from audiences of the band and industry personnel alike.

Performances both locally and further a field (including Leeds, York, Sheffield, Liverpool to name but a few....) have enabled the band to quickly build and expand on their already loyal fan base and develop strong links with venues and promoters, which has proved extremely beneficial to the band and their future developments.

In July 04 the band re-located to Deep Blue Sound Studios in Plymouth under the guidance of producer Matt Bernard to record the 'Modeliste EP', the eagerly anticipated follow up to 'Get Involved'. Released in September, the 'Modeliste EP' is a true representation of Modeliste that captures the band's unique, no holds barred blend of explosive funk rock..