This is a review of "Titanium" recorded by 10,000 Things. The review was written by Danny Martin in 2004.

10,000 Things are the band you wanted to be in when you were a kid. The Jim'll Fix It chance to play dirty sleazy riffs and wail boisterous, filthy lyrics until your lungs bleed. Live they are superb, and this sound has translated well to studio. Affable lunatics ranting continuously about topics of extreme importance such as tight fisted landlords and trophy girlfriends. A fingers up to rock stars who harp on like a bunch of helium filled tarts about war and politics.

"Titanium" collides into town. Raw, callous guitars neatly perched atop a sly melodic bassline. Lead Vocalist Sam Riley's voice is superb and fits the mould to perfection. Harsh and jagged, he could only spit lyrics about the universal need for a bit of outside control in the old trouser department "I think I need titanium boxer shorts, I just cant cope with all these dirty thoughts" screams Riley. A noteworthy concept.

The haunting and jarring "Can't do nothing" ruffles the feathers once more. A bitter rant about been skint and having a landlord chasing your tail everyday. Hell yeah the lyrics are pretty simple, but the melodic crashing guitars which envelope the bitter, crazed vocals seem to lend to this. They finish with a cover of legendary punksters Gang Of Four's "Damaged goods" and pull it off pretty well.

10,000 Things currently sit in that hazy land where a breakthrough is within spitting distance. I imagine this can be the most frustrating and laborious phase in a band's life. "Titanium" does the job and fuels the fire slightly, but it just doesn't set it ablaze like I wished it would.